How is the Arbitrator appointed? Are there procedural safeguards to assure that an Arbitrator selected through the list method has no conflicts of interest?


In a private dispute resolution system, the appointment of the arbitration is a crucial and important process.

What are the demerits of Arbitration?

arbitration law

Demerits of Arbitration: The importance of arbitration was accepted by almost the entire international community. However, the reason for the growth in popularity was kindled by the advantages that arbitration has over adjudication or other forms of dispute resolution. Arbitration is used

Israel Wall Case

The jurisdiction matter discussed in the Israel wall case and the opinion of the international court of justice in such regards is described in the article.

$10 million lawsuit against Game maker companies by Selena Gomez

Selen Gomez have filed a lawsuit against a bunch of companies who made a game “Clothes Forever,Styling game”. Selena stated thorough his attorney that the game making companies were never allowed to use her image as a character in the game and

Development of Equity and Importance

Equity law is defined as a branch of law which developed alongside the common law and it is concerned with the principle of fairness and justice. In another way it is also described as sub-system of English and common legal system which

Pearl Case and Who is Omer Shaikh?

Daniel Pearl was a Wall street Journal Reporter and was investigating the militants in the Karachi after 9-11 attacks on USA. In January 2002 he was kidnapped and beheaded a few weeks later. Four suspects were found and prosecuted in this case